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ViewIt - some local data rounded (more information)

Adult profiles: Adults in treatment - England - All in treatment

Adult profiles: Adults in treatment - England - All in treatment

Clients in treatment

The data below shows the number of people in contact with specialist substance misuse services. People may access treatment for either problematic drug use, alcohol use or both.

Individuals presenting to adult alcohol and drug treatment services are categorised by the substances they cite as problematic at the start of treatment. They are categorised by the following hierarchal criteria:

  • any mention of opiate use would result in the person being categorised as OPIATE (irrespective of what other substances are cited)
  • people who present with non-opiate substances (without opiates or alcohol) will be classified as NON-OPIATE ONLY
  • people who present with a non-opiate substance and problematic alcohol use during their treatment journeys will be classified as NON-OPIATE AND ALCOHOL
  • people who present with alcohol and no other substances will be categorised as ALCOHOL ONLY

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Adult (18+) Young people (<18)

Count Proportion
Count Proportion
All in treatment New presentations
All in treatment New presentations

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Substance Category2009/10 (%)2010/11 (%)2011/12 (%)2012/13 (%)2013/14 (%)2014/15 (%)2015/16 (%)2016/17 (%)2017/18 (%)2018/19 (%)2019/20 (%)2020/21 (%)2021/22 (%)2022/23 (%)
Substance Category2009/102010/112011/122012/132013/142014/152015/162016/172017/182018/192019/202020/212021/222022/23
Non-opiate only2455723613229822397525570250252581424561237302425325226276052958230001
Alcohol only8808788020864168754491651891078503580454757877555574618767408469786257
Non-opiate & alcohol2899228223277322762728871281282818728242276842859830262306883437835773

All substance categories

Substance categoryArea2009/10 (%)2010/11 (%)2011/12 (%)2012/13 (%)2013/14 (%)2014/15 (%)2015/16 (%)2016/17 (%)2017/18 (%)2018/19 (%)2019/20 (%)2020/21 (%)2021/22 (%)2022/23 (%)
Substance categoryArea2009/102010/112011/122012/132013/142014/152015/162016/172017/182018/192019/202020/212021/222022/23


ViewIt enables users to take a much closer look at drug and alcohol treatment statistics by providing users with the ability to filter key statistics by local authority, sex, age band (18-29, 30-49, 50+) and problematic substance group ("opiates”, “non-opiates only”, “alcohol only” and “non-opiates and alcohol”). Whichever combination of filters is selected (within local authority, sex, age band and problematic substance group), the resulting data will be rounded to the nearest 5. This method ensures that low numbers (i.e. 1-4) are suppressed and cannot be deduced from totals. Previously, before 1st October 2020, rounding was applied at the lowest granular level (combinations of categories of local authority, sex, age band and problematic substance group) and rounded figures were summed where any one or more of the three filter choices was “All” . This may have resulted in occasional figures being inflated or deflated to a greater extent than the current rounding to the nearest 5. However, England values have not been rounded and therefore, in some instances, totaling data values at the local authority level may exceed the England value.

Organisations and individuals can request more detailed data from NDTMS by contacting the OHID (Office for Health Improvement and Disparities) Addiction and Inclusion Direcorate at requests will be assessed individually and only in circumstances where there is no risk to client confidentiality will data be released. It will be important that appropriate ethical and information governance procedures are in place prior to receiving any bespoke data. Cost recovery may also be appropriate. For further information please see